iRest Yoga Nidra with Michelle helps me to connect to the deepest aspect of my mind/body in a sense of wholeness; thereby healing both body & soul aches.  It is the deepest form of relaxation I have experienced and Michelle's intelligence guides me in a profound way."   

-Dr. Tova Tarr  Clinical psychologist

"I  have attended several of Michelle Lynch's Yoga for the Emotions workshops and they have been extremely powerful in terms of getting in touch with my inner guidance and sense of peace. She has truly helped me to maintain a good level of stress management. When I feel the "freak out" coming on, I try to remember Michelle's suggestions to slow down, take a deep breath, feel grounded, to focus on my heart's desire and happiness, and to choose to avoid the frazzled freak out road.  This is sometimes easier said than done, so Michelle teaches you how to apply it in your everyday life.  Practicing her guided visualization and meditation has added a sense of joy to my life.  I have attended workshops done by other teachers but Michelle has helped me go deeper and I have felt the benefits more strongly.  Her patient guidance and loving teaching style could help so many people cope with anxiety and overwhelm and I strongly recommend her! "

-Anita Prentiss , Owner of Buzzy Photography 

 "I used to have a sore knot in my left shoulder. I've had many massages and nothing seemed to work. Since practicing yoga with Michelle I no longer have the knot in my shoulder, No more pain. There is an all around improvement with in myself. I also feel like the void that was there is being fulfilled, so to speak."

— H. Hunter, Cystic Fibrosis survivor 

 ​Michelle Minyon has had a very positive impact on my life. She is multitalented and I find it somewhat difficult to accurately describe the sessions. With me she uses props to "open" me up and in the luxurious state of these poses she coaches me through breathing exercises and Nidra. The benefits build with each session so I suggest considering making regular session times. As she personalizes the program for each client, her work with my husband is different than mine. The outcome is the same. We all lead stressful overstimulated lives and she has helped me to stay calm and focused. Despite a busy work and family life, I make it a priority to carve out time for my sessions with Michelle. It is a good investment.

 -Kristina Gerzten, M.D. 

 I am a head injury survivor of about 5 years with multiple injuries in a 6 month period.  I had pretty much every symptom. I sought out yoga Nidra for the insomnia, anxiety and post-concussive PTSD. We have very few yoga Nidra instructors in Pittsburgh as it is so specialized. I can not express how much Michelle’s class meant to me. Her understanding and gentleness and deep understanding of yoga and Yoga Nidra made the class warm, welcoming and calming. My sleep improved quickly and the work of feeling safe in class can be translated to everyday life with experience. My anxiety and nervousness calmed down for the hour class and lingered through the day with each class it lingered longer and longer. I would recommend Michelle Lynch and her yoga class to any head injury survivor to continue their healing and to help with persistent symptoms like sleep disturbances.   

-Dr. Debra Stango 

 There are two parts to my testimony for Yogini  Michelle. 1:  Michelle with an ear to ear smile, would lug up three flights of stairs to reach my apt. with her pink suitcase packed full of all sorts of yoga props.  Together we would embark on an hour and a half of yoga, and Yoga nidra.  Always Michelle was sensitive to my physical needs and develop the hour with therapeutic insight, and encouragement, not without I must add, vigor and persistence.  At 62 years of age I always felt young, strong and hopeful at the end of the hour. But it didn't stop there! 2:  Michelle would then shift gears and position me on her blankets and bolsters and as I felt like I was on a cloud, she would then begin a Nidra session.  In my words to describe this ancient modality of inner reflection, Michelle with safe, soothing , gentle words guides one into their own sacred self and body.  Old stagnate tensions, and outdated emotions are uprooted by this intuitive process that Michelle  without the slightest trace of judgment, will then invite one to dissolve these patterns.  Healing is a word I would use.. All I can say is without understanding exactly how it works, I have experienced that in deed  it does!   Michelle is a most profound and trustworthy woman who can take you on an adventure that can lead to your higher self. 

-With much gratitude, Namaste Patricia 

"My pranayama sessions with Michelle have been ongoing for more than a year.  Since starting lessons from her, both in classes and privately, my progress and understanding developed significantly.  Michelle brings her pranayama passion to each session.  She has a natural talent for teaching, combined with insight and personal experiences.  I hope to continue to develop and learn under her direction.  She is an amazing instructor."  

-Sincerely, Doug Croft 

I have found the practice of iRest Yoga Nidra to be a deeply restful experience. It has equipped me with many tools for monitoring and managing the stress that comes with daily life. I’ve found Michelle’s instruction to be clear, easy to understand, and soothing”   

-Bob L.

(update)____ga practice the day before my wedding. We had the whole weekend for wedding celebrations, and the yoga event session designed by Michelle was such a wonderful and welcome way to get grounded in love, an relax from all the preparations and travel. It should totally be a part of every wedding weekend! Thank you! 

—Evangeline Stratton


"I came here wanting to change something about myself and it didn't change.  Seeing that it didn't have to change, something changed."  
-Bob, US ARMY Veteran 

Dear Michelle, iRest Yoga Nidra is making a real difference in the quality of my life experience. I welcome the opportunity to practice everyday and look forward to tomorrow with renewed hope and optimism. I find it much easier to develop,maintain, and sustain relationships both personally and professionally. iRest Yoga Nidra is truly a path of fulfillment. 
-Sincerely, Ken H. USAF Veteran

iRest works, it really helps me with my PTSD and all issues regarding ego-drugs-alcohol.  It needs to be implemented immediately across the VA rehabs especially if they want to end homelessness like they say.
-Jason H. Thigpen   U.S.M.C Veteran

Great training for stress relief and accepting the positive and the negative.  It helps me relax.
-Mike Lumberger  US ARMY Veteran


"Michelle's restorative class was wonderful.  The poses were great for counteracting the negative effects of sitting in an office all day.  I also appreciated her thorough explanation of the poses and breathing exercises, and the positive effects they have on the body/mind.  I enjoyed and benefitted from every class I attended!" 

-Kyra B 

"This was my first experience with yoga and I loved it!  Wonderful way to end the work day.  I'm sorry the classes are over.  Michelle was a fantastic teacher." 
- Diane D

"This class helped me find a good spiritual center.  Many of the poses helped correct things like my posture and digestion." 
-Craig S

"I learned different postures and came to understand about right posture during the working hours.  Laying down on blanket rolls and other props helped improve my back problem."   
-Pradip Modi


​"I felt my toes for the first time in years. I was told I would never feel them again.”
- Joan

“You changed my life … you taught me that I can recover.” 

“Can I come back when I am not a patient anymore?”

"It really helped me refocus for my process here.  I came in here like boot camp so hard on myself and its also allowed me to feel okay about allowing myself to heal".

" The guided relaxation was very relaxing.  It allowed me to feel my breath and I found the occasional sounds in the room soothing".